The Nordstrom Way of Embracing Change, Challenges and a Culture of Customer Service


Is your organization asking that question?
Nordstrom has survived and thrived for 120 plus years by following the F.A.C.T.S.

  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Communication
  • Transformation
  • Social Responsibility

My current Keynote explains how your organization can learn from this world-class company that embraces change while never taking their eye off the ultimate judge: the customer.

This literary gem brims with practical wisdom and transcends the confines of any industry.
- Simon T. Bailey, Author of Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life


A master storyteller with a passion for customer-service culture, Robert has presented engaging keynote programs and half-day workshops to organizational gatherings in over 27 countries, from intimate retreats of 20 to industry conventions of over 2000.

“Robert’s humor and storytelling were just what we needed.”
—Marin Community Foundation

Robert is acknowledged as the leading authority on the Nordstrom company. He is the only one to have interviewed three of the four generations of Nordstrom family leadership. His three-plus decades of studying this world-class, customer-obsessed company has yielded a series of books under the umbrella title of, The Nordstrom Way. The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence: Creating a Values-Driven Service Culture, was selected Top Business Book of the Year by Forbes magazine.

His keynote explains how your organization can learn from this world-class company, which consistently embraces change—while never taking their eye off the ultimate judge: the customer.  His recent book, The Century-Old Startup, details how Nordstrom has remained relevant since 1901 by embracing—not fearing—inevitable change.

Robert offers your audience a fun, informative, and unforgettable experience, absorbing the elements of Nordstrom’s world class customer service culture and employee engagement.


How has Nordstrom survived and thrived since its founding as a modest shoe store in 1901?  By constantly dealing with whatever challenges come their way – two world wars, the Great Depression, various recessions, the everchanging world of fashion, the rise and impact of Amazon, the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Robert Spector, the foremost expert on all things Nordstrom, has given us a powerful yet practical roadmap for every organization to become more like Nordstrom.”
—Chip R. Bell, author of Inside Your Customer’s Imagination

Transformation is essential to survival.  Any company in any industry that aspires to endure must be in a perpetual state of transformation. If you’re standing still, you’re falling behind.

  • You understood our customer issues and were able to provide a framework by which our team could understand the implications for providing outstanding customer service.

    Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group
  • Your brainstorming session was empowering for the managers, many of whom commented about their eagerness to share the outcomes with their teams.

    Charles Schwab Institutional
  • Robert’s insights were most informative. Our audience enjoyed hearing his perspectives.

    J.D. Power and Associates
  • When it comes to customer service, Robert practices what he preaches.

    McKesson Corporation
  • Robert’s entertaining and inspiring keynote presentation resonated with attendees at Starwood’s Leadership Conference. We received many positive comments about his message of customer service and the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

    Starwood Hotels and Resorts
  • Robert has a unique ability to inspire and motivate, and his ability to tell the story is second to none.

    Frost & Sullivan Consulting
  • Robert did an excellent job connecting with our audience of luxury real estate professionals. Our group loved him! Nothing but glowing reviews.

    Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate



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